Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Sept 12- Oct 24th 2016

First - Just let me tell you all that I (mom- Raquel) moved to Califorina and during the move my home computer died and I have not been able to update his blog.  But now I am back.......  Get ready for a Bowen download

Sep 12 2016

The past couple of weeks I have been helping this lady that has very bad arthritis so she can't wash her dogs.  We go over and wash them for her. and then since she doesn't exactly have any body to talk with we sit outside with her and talk with her and share a message with her.  It is probably one of the most enjoyable time of the week to go and help her.  Here is a few images

Sept 22, 2016

Today we went to the temple and it was such a great day.  Here is a picture of my face like my mom always asks for.  We also did a lot of service this week and helped a family on painting there house.

Oct 3rd  2016
This week was another busy week like always.  We are always running having to do something. But  this week we biking  over 16 miles in a day, and for half of that my front brakes were not working. Don't worry nothing happened but it was a thrilling time on my bike.  We went and saw some of our investigators that have a bunch tools and I asked them if I could borrow some of their tools so I could fix my brake.  That was fun because we didn't know what was exactly wrong but we knew it was not working correctly.  I ended up taking apart my brake but now I know how to fix a brake.  Sort of and how it works because I took everything apart.  Now it works just like new. 
General conference was this week and it was great!  I learned a lot for later in my life. I love you all and things are good here.  The work is moving on and hopefully this next week we will be putting somebody on date.
My new companion and I are doing good and working hard together. Thank you for all of your prayers I have been led to people and I have been protected.  I love you all and have an amazing week.
Oct 24th 2016
This last week was a great week.  We still have an investigator on date and we had a ward activity that had like over 300 people there and about 100 of them were not members.  It was a lot of fun !  a
I keep on having issues with my toes and it happened about last week.  I had t have a little operation on my toe because of another ingrown toenail.  It is doing better now.
I love you all and hope you have a great week.