Friday, October 30, 2015

Tire again

This week was good I ended up actually bending the rim of the other missionary's bike a tiny bit so I had to pay him $30 and that was fun but I got lucky it was that cheap. When I ran something over it put a good hole in the tube and it deflated really quickly and I just ridding with on it with a flat.  It bent a little bit it wasn't anything major but it was a little bit.  Glad he wasn't made at me and I fixed it so its all fine now, he is a pretty funny kid.

I got sick this Sunday so missed out on church. My companion and I where suppose to give talks this Sunday but I got sick so that didn't happen. We have one really solid investigator possibly can be meeting with her three times a week and she is one of those that have been prepared by the Lord she has been doing every thing she has been going to church. When I was sick she actually called us and wanted to make sure that I was ok.  Well everything else here is good and not a lot to talk about.

Love you all
Keep the Lord Close
Elder Bowen Thompson


Sunday, October 25, 2015

Transfer Week

Everything is good this week.  It is transfer week and I'm no longer in a trio. My companion is the new district leader. On Saturday I was on exchanges that was fun but I was riding somebody else bike and I ran something over and now I owe him a new bike tube.  I need to go buy that today I don't have my camera with me today but I well send some pictures late.  I'm still on the hunt for a poncho and a sombrero.  Hope to find them soon. 
So don't look now but I have been out here all ready for about three months. so that is cool.  My companion and me are in a car the other elders ride there bikes everywhere.  This week we were lucky to go to an In N Out and while we were there we got the call about our transfers and I'm still in Upland.  Love you mom. 
Talk to you next week

Monday, October 12, 2015


This week I have been doing good.  We are really working hard here and I love having two companions, Elder Babcock and Elder Spaulding.  They are my trainers.  I sometimes I think that I cant do something and they push me, and then guess what I can do it!  It was just yesterday when I went up to this random Latino family and told a little bit about the church and bore my testimony to them, all in Spanish.  Wow right?  I know that God was there helping me but I wouldn't have done it if Elder Spaulding and Elder Babcock didn't give a little more of a push.   I could have missed an opportunity to try and teach somebody but I had my companions telling me that I could do it!  That is what I needed.  

Spanish is coming along a lot better now.  Now I feel like I can talk to any one I meet so that they have a chance to learn about the gospel. My companions have been a great help to me.  I still don't know a lot of Spanish but it will come over time.    I love this church!  

Mom asked me what my high and low is of the week.  My high is understanding Spanish more and my low is when people cancel appointments with us. 

Sunday, October 11, 2015


General confrence was great  I could not say which one was my favorite talk but they where all really good.  I was a little scary when Pres Monson needed to get help to go back to his seat but he gave such a great talk.
Things here have been really good though and have been fun.  We taught a lot more people this week and we where able to go to the temple today and had a spiritual boost.
I'm on the hunt for a sombrero and mexican poncho we are going to hit up a goodwill next P-Day hopefully for a ward party.  lol  The mission president told us to tell family to send Christmas gifts a month early just to make sure they get here on time because things take a little longer to get here.   It goes through this really long process to get to us but it is the best way to make sure that we do get them.   
Love your missionary Elder Thompson and your favorite son as well  :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


I'm doing good this week we had a lot of people cancel appointments with us which is frustrated.  We only had one lesson this week.   I feel sad when people don't listen to us because of the great message we have to share with them.  

This week nothing really crazy has happened but we did go on a hike today that was fun. The road up there it is 45 miles per hour the whole way up.  Then you hit this little town that is just in the middle of nowhere.  It was fun on the trail.  There are these houses that people live in and we where like how did they get furniture up here because all it is a trail.  No room for a car or any thing to get up to these houses. But it was really cool on the way up I took a lot of pictures for the way up and none of when we where actually hiking.   I'm in a trio so now