Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Dog Life

This past week was good, I did get sick on Saturday which was my birthday so that was fun.  But I'm doing better!  My companion and I are working really hard to get this area going.  I saw this really big dog and took a picture.  It is the second biggest breed of dog in the world, it is an Alaskan Malumuit giant.  It is 6 feet tall when it is on it's hined legs and they use these types of dogs to kill polar bears,  yes I did say polar bears.

Love you all hope you all have a good week and I'm running out of time to email so hope fully I will have a lot of cool things to email you guys next week love you all.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Hard Work

This week we have been trying to find more people to teach but we have been having a little bit of a hard time because we talk to people and since we are spanish missionaries if they don't speak spanish we have to give them to english missionaries.  So yeah it is just hard to find people sometimes that speak spanish and then as well they need to be interested.  Sometimes they are not but we are working hard and thank you all for your prayers!  Love you all and hope fully next week I will be able tell you about some people who are new.  Have a good week and love you all.

and video for this week.

Friday, April 15, 2016


This week was another great week we didn't teach a lot of people but we helped the city of Hesperia with a city clean up and we found a hot tub that we ended up dragging at least a football field.  We filled these two huge dumpster like things that where about 9-10 feet tall and then at least 25 feet long by 8 feet wide so this thing was huge!  We filled two of them and there was still more things we probably could of filled.  Probable five of them at least.
That is what I am doing when you see the picture of me in a yellow shirt.  The other picture is the house that we are helping to build and we are about to put down wire and rebar and then pour some cement and then we are going to knock down that one wall that has a huge 4 by 8.   I think was what it is and we lifted all this wire up there me and my companion and two old guys. Next is the cement pour.  Then going to build up two walls and then do the roof.

Today was transfers and I'm now with my Mtc companion!  Still in Hesperia and the message I want to share with all of you is the shower of gods blessing for all of you.

Monday, April 4, 2016

General Conference

This week was a good week we talked with a family and now they are investigators.   We really want to help this family but besides that nothing else really happened.  My companion got sick on Thursday until today so we didn't really leave our apartment.  We did leave to give a blessing and to go watch general conference.  My favorite talk from general conference was from the prophet it was simple and short but has so many spiritual messages in it,  A lot of the talks had a bunch of hidden messages and meanings.  To find them all we must read and listen to them over and over and I will promise you all as you read and listen to them you will be able to find new meaning in them,  We just need to pay attention. I hope you will all join me in trying to get the most we can out of these talks love you all and have a blessed week

This weeks video

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Christ Lives

This week was not really different from all the other weeks but we are doing service for three people now.  One recent convert and his family, and one investigator, and one other member with his yard. I was not able to take pictures yet but I will get some for all of you. As well for all of us we need to all ways try to help and serve our fellow people as how Christ did and hopefully you all remembered what the true meaning of Easter.  Christ lives and because he lives we all will live again and if we are righteous we will be able to live with our families forever with them. I love you all and have a good week and I will send you some pictures next week.

This weeks video


This was another crazy but good.  We did some service and helped two families move and helped someone with their yard.  That is basically what happened last week since Wednesday, not a whole lot more then that but us running around trying to help people. 
I like this area there is more service and I'm able to do.  It is a pretty big area as well and there are more people to teach


The video for this week with easter coming up this is the video that I feel that I should show you guys.