Sunday, February 12, 2017

Last eight weeks

Jan 30 2017

This was a good week we had another worldwide mission broadcast this week which now has changed some things like now our schedule is different. Not to different but still different.  I'm still in Hesperia with Elder Ward and still the Zone Leader. Since this week was transfers we had to go down to Rancho Cucamonga and get some bikes.  When we went to go pick up the bikes this person had the bike on their car but it came off and it got hit by a semi.  The semi kept going  so we had to go pick it off of the side of the road,  It was in pieces but we threw it into our truck.  I was able to walk around on the I-15 so that was fun.  Semis and cars were passing by us  Now we have an Elder that doesn't have a working bike.  That was my adventures for this week.

Love you guys and let the lord guide you in all that you do.


Jan 9 2017

This week we ended up on a roof putting down plastic on a roof that we are going to have to repair the roof but with all the rain we have had this was a good first step.  But the roof was very steep so that was tricky.

Skyping with the family

December 12, 2016

This week was a great week!  Andrew our investigator was baptized and I was able to do it. It was really awesome because right before we went down into the fount he had this amazing feeling,  He was excited to be baptized and then on Sunday my companion Elder Ward confirmed him.   He is excited to pass the sacrament this next week and we are working with his Mom to help her get baptized.  Great week.


Nov 21 2016

This week we went on exchanges with the Assistance to the President and then with one of the district leaders.  I only saw my companion for like 2 minutes and then we exchanged with the District Leader. We also helped clean up a garage that had birds living in it so there was poop everywhere and so we had shovels and brooms, Glad we had a truck to clean out all of the stuff that we had to dump .  But that was fun and then we went right back to working hard.  I figured out I'm one of the oldest missionaries in the zone!  There are like only three others and we all go home together! 
Love you all and have a great week.

November 14, 2016

This week I had some of my first meetings as a zone leader that was fun. We also found one of my old investigators and got to say hi and teach him.  That was great. We have a family on date for baptism for the 10 of December   Today is the first zone activity so we are going to do some human fosball. well I got to get going, I will be safe mom.

November 7 2016

I'm now back up in Hesperia and that is going to be fun and I get to drive a truck.  I had another toe nail issue and went to the doc to get that fixws.  I would share pictures but thats really gross.  ha ha ha  All is well and I am working hard.