Tuesday, September 22, 2015


We where trying to find this lady to visit and we went to the house where she is suppose to be but we cant find it.  We where going to have dinner with them.  We walk up to the gate and there is a "beware of dog" sign but the gate is slightly open so we tap on the gate because we didn't see any dogs.  We walk up to the door and knock .  We then hear two dogs barking inside the house so we thought OK so they are inside, but all of a sudden these two dogs come around the corner because a side door was open!  They come out strong at us both bark at us.  Then one comes up to us and we both freeze because we didn't know what was going to happen.  So there we were on this porch with these two dogs one I'm pretty sure it was one of those meaner type of dog and the other is German Shepherded half lab.   Then the Lab mix comes up to us leans his head on my companions leg and has those eyes saying pet me and then the other one walks up to me and just looks at me and barks a few more times. Scariest moment of my life. But yeah we now go over there quiet often to teach some of his friends. 
It has been a lot of fun out here.  We had a dinner with some other members but on are way out we had to jump a fence because you have to have a key to unlock the gate which we don't have.
Love everyone have a great week!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


I'm in Rancho Cucamonga now and my p-day is on Mondays!  I'm happy and safe I love you guys and I finally made it to the field! So excited to start teaching people out in the field.
I'm doing great. I'm in Upland and my companion name is Elder Spaulding.  We white washed into this area which means we replaced the last Spanish Missionary's  and there is no other Elders.  So we have been trying to meet every body.  We don't have a GPS and we cant find our way around very well.  
I have all ready taught several lessons, that has been fun me.  My companion and I get along pretty well.  I'm doing great!  Some people are really nice to us but other I feel like they strongly dislike us.  Our apartment is in a little getto.  
We are doing really good work here and there is a lot of work to do.  It will keep us busy.   We have a car because we are the only Spanish missionary's in the area. Crazy thing here.... the squirrels here are bigger then Fenway or Molly.  
Love you all
Elder Thompson

Sunday, September 6, 2015


Mom asked me to tell you about my day.  We wake up at 6:30am and then at 7:10am we have breakfast.  First class is at 7:40am then we go to the gym at 10:40 until lunch at 12:10pm.  After lunch we are in class from 12:55pm to 5:15pm.  Dinner at the MTC starts at 5:15pm which isn't bad food.  Then we return to class at 6:00pm until 9:30pm.  Some days we wake at 6:00am and do service then get breakfast, class, lunch, gym, class, dinner, and then devotional.  
This week it was Elder Oaks of the that was really great to listen to.  This week I was playing basketball and my toe was getting really bad so I went to the nurse.  I have another in grown nail and had to have the same procedure that I had on my other foot.  Now its healing and getting better.  I also saw my Lake Powell friend Cade.  It was pretty funny to see him in the MTC.
I leave on Monday to CA.  Cant wait to get into the field.  Love you all and please email me because it is nice to here from you guys.  It is nice to see pictures of you guys as well and see you in 2.