Monday, November 23, 2015

Chirst taught us how to live

This week was pretty good our investigator was baptized and confirmed.  It was a great moment.  We have been teaching two others at the moment.  They are great people.  Watching people learn about Christ is  wonderful to watch.  The amazing lessons that he taught us.  He just didn't love us but taught us ways to lives our lives.   I'm still working hard our here.  There are definitely people out here waiting for the gospel to come to them and not just that, people are searching for the light of the gospel in a dark world.
Right now I don't have my camera so no pictures  Oh and possibly this next transfer I may go to another location.  Loved all the emails thanks.  I think I will be spending Thanksgiving at a members house and having some great Mexican food.   Hope you are all doing well and I love you all emails.  

Monday, November 16, 2015


HI everyone
This past week we did service and painted a persons house and we are going back up some time this week and finishing it.  Then we are helping someone else up there as well.  I want to tell everyone thanks for the emails and keep the pictures coming. 
 The Lady that I told you about last week is the one getting baptized this week.  Its so amazing to see people find the gospel and change there life's and the light shine in there eyes.  Understanding that God our father loves us and wants us to find joy and we just need to have faith and follow  his teachings.  We have other lady that we are setting a baptismal date she speaks Spanish and doesn't understand English so we teach her in Spanish.
 Got to go so love you have a nice week.

Monday, November 9, 2015


This week has been really good we have a baptism is coming up for one of our investigators and I really excited for her.  She is an old lady and she calls us her grand kids. It is pretty funny at times but she is nice and such a sweet lady and is pretty funny.  

So there I was today writing emails and a lady comes and gives me a lunch gift certificate.  She said it was from a really nice lady and then I realizes that my mom has been emailing me from her phone and then I get an email from her with a picture of me from afar.  My mom tracked me down I didn't actually see her.  I guess she had to come to CA for work and did a drive by.  LOL  Only my mom would do that.  But now I get lunch!

I hear that Chad is back home from his mission, I want an email.  I love all your photos and videos keep them coming.  I don't know what to tell you besides how amazing the plan of salvation, and we can live with are family forever. 

I love you all. remember to all ways live as close to the lord as you can.

Love Elder Thompson.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Ok Mom I am bad on pictures. I will send you some pictures next week.   I'm going to try to make some of that french bread pizza and french toast that you have made for us in the past.  Then I will send you a picture of me eating the food.  We are also going to make Arroz Con Leche or in English it is rice with milk.  It is actually pretty fun to make but you have to get creative with food out here.
I am learning to budget my money with food and household needs.  Thank you Roxy for the deodorant and soap which I won't need for a while now.  Eating a lot of Mac and Cheese and Top Roman.  I ride a bike every now and then because we go on exchanges but really we walk around quite a bit and I have been eating a little healthier. So I have lost 13-17 pounds. 

We do service at the Upland High School concession stand for there football games that's pretty fun.   Have to run talk to you next week.