Monday, November 9, 2015


This week has been really good we have a baptism is coming up for one of our investigators and I really excited for her.  She is an old lady and she calls us her grand kids. It is pretty funny at times but she is nice and such a sweet lady and is pretty funny.  

So there I was today writing emails and a lady comes and gives me a lunch gift certificate.  She said it was from a really nice lady and then I realizes that my mom has been emailing me from her phone and then I get an email from her with a picture of me from afar.  My mom tracked me down I didn't actually see her.  I guess she had to come to CA for work and did a drive by.  LOL  Only my mom would do that.  But now I get lunch!

I hear that Chad is back home from his mission, I want an email.  I love all your photos and videos keep them coming.  I don't know what to tell you besides how amazing the plan of salvation, and we can live with are family forever. 

I love you all. remember to all ways live as close to the lord as you can.

Love Elder Thompson.

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