Friday, October 30, 2015

Tire again

This week was good I ended up actually bending the rim of the other missionary's bike a tiny bit so I had to pay him $30 and that was fun but I got lucky it was that cheap. When I ran something over it put a good hole in the tube and it deflated really quickly and I just ridding with on it with a flat.  It bent a little bit it wasn't anything major but it was a little bit.  Glad he wasn't made at me and I fixed it so its all fine now, he is a pretty funny kid.

I got sick this Sunday so missed out on church. My companion and I where suppose to give talks this Sunday but I got sick so that didn't happen. We have one really solid investigator possibly can be meeting with her three times a week and she is one of those that have been prepared by the Lord she has been doing every thing she has been going to church. When I was sick she actually called us and wanted to make sure that I was ok.  Well everything else here is good and not a lot to talk about.

Love you all
Keep the Lord Close
Elder Bowen Thompson


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