Wednesday, October 7, 2015


I'm doing good this week we had a lot of people cancel appointments with us which is frustrated.  We only had one lesson this week.   I feel sad when people don't listen to us because of the great message we have to share with them.  

This week nothing really crazy has happened but we did go on a hike today that was fun. The road up there it is 45 miles per hour the whole way up.  Then you hit this little town that is just in the middle of nowhere.  It was fun on the trail.  There are these houses that people live in and we where like how did they get furniture up here because all it is a trail.  No room for a car or any thing to get up to these houses. But it was really cool on the way up I took a lot of pictures for the way up and none of when we where actually hiking.   I'm in a trio so now

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