Tuesday, May 17, 2016

May 16th 2016

This week we had some pretty awesome things happen, like we were talking to one guy and he says that his neighbor is a member and next thing we know is that his neighbors garage opens up and he wants to introduce us to him.  We go over and start talking with him and we then say a prayer and then we end up giving this gentlemen a blessing.  He invited him over for a dinner and we ended giving the guy a Book of Mormon.  He told us he was going to read it. 
We then left and where going to go home but we got lost and we found this new area but we see a moving truck and something tells me go help them.  We ask if they need help and they said yes so we started to help them.  One of the people from that group was from the Philippines, Manila.   I told him my uncle lived over there for a little while and then we talk about the gospel a little bit.  He said that he would like for the missionaries to come over!  That was really cool.  Hopefully it all works out since he speaks English we have to pass him off to the English missionary's.  But he is a really cool guy.  
 Love you all and hope you all are doing good and have a nice day/week.

Love Elder Thompson

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