Monday, December 21, 2015

Helping Out

It has been raining here a lot because el nino is coming.  Everyone make sure you have food storage because it might snow a lot. We are going a baptism this Saturday and I get to do the baptism.   I'm really excited.   She is 8 years old and her name is Neveli.  Her dad is a member but he is less active but now returning back to activity and her mom is not a member yet but her mom basically knows these things that we teach are true.  She has a ten year old brother that is baptized so we taught her and she knows these things to be true and wanted to be baptized and her family is very supportive. 
We where able to help out a family with presents and food.  It was the coolest thing last night delivering all of those presents to them. The mom almost broke down and started crying.  It was great to help this family.  Teaching them has been a humbling experience seeing them having about nothing but they are actually trying to do something about it and I'm so happy that I can be part of helping them out.


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