Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Nothing crazy really happened this past week but I do want to share with you a story about this neat family we met.  Everything like everything I had for a day had fell through and we where just talking to everybody.  I was with one of the zone leaders and we see this big guy get out of his car so we go over there and start talking to him.  We find out he is a member and his family has this big decision in front of them.  At first we had only met one of his sons that was with him and he told us about a decision that they need to make, should  they move so their son would probably have a better chance on getting a scholarship.  He said he didn't know what to do and then we ran into him and the thing that came to mind was to tell him to pray about it.  He then said before he told us that he had thought about praying about it.  
Then he started to cry and this kid is huge he is Tongan and just seeing him cry was weird but you know me, so I said "free hugs" and then he's he said "bring it in".  It was one of the coolest experiences because my arms for one couldn't make it around him,  he is a line men in football so he is a big guy.  Then we prayed right then, outside right next to his car with him.  The spirit was just so strong it was one of the best things ever to feel the spirit that strong!  It verified to me that this was the reason why all those things fell through so that we could be here in this moment. 
He invited us over to his apartment where we met the rest of the family and we then shared a message with them and prayed with them again.  Tongans customs love to cook food so they basically sat us down and we ate with them.  It was one of the coolest experiences that I have ever had!!!
It can be strange how God works because he knows what has to happen to put us in that place so that we were able to talk with them.  How all those other people didn't answered their doors other wise we wouldn't of been able to be there.  As well as we need to pray for missionary opportunity's to help others.  You may have a list of things that need to be done doesn't mean though that you are going to be able to do all those things.
 Please watch this video it will help you understand a little better.

Have a nice week.

Love Elder Thompson

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