Tuesday, February 9, 2016


This week was good we picked up a former investigator but nothing else really happened this week.  We are now entering into week 5 of my 5th transfer so that is cool.  I might have forgotten to tell you that a few months ago they announce that transfer are going to be 7 week.  That would extending my mission an extra week. 

Mom don't freak out because I was going to come home actually 2 weeks before I hit my 2 year mark because of how transfers end up that way but now it will be 1 week before, so that means I get that much closer to serving the whole two years.  Who knows I might extend my mission so I server over two years and that would be awesome.

Love you guys have a nice week and I would invite you all to be praying for missionary  opportunities and prepare your self to receive these opportunities.   Because as members we need to find people to help with missionary's work as well you are the support system for your friend that will investigate the church. 

Love you all

Elder Thompson

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