Friday, August 28, 2015


My week has been pretty good besides the fact that me and my companion taught our last lesson to Jorge Thursday.  That was sad because we had gotten so far with him.  I wish we could teach him at least one more time. I all so figured out that I depart from the MTC on September 7th.
This week I had to really humble myself though. This is one thing I want to remember and that is D&C 6:36 look unto me in every thought.. doubt not.. fear not. As well sometimes the Lord will break us down before he can take us higher.  All ways remember we are nothing without God.  I can not teach others with out him.  I cannot learn this language without him we have to be exactly obedient and driven to keep his commandments. I am not the teacher the spirit is the teacher. I can say as many things I want to but if the spirit is not there, than are just words that truly mean nothing.  The investigator  may think like oh that's nice but I don't now if they are true though. The spirit is the most important thing for us to have.
I love you so very much but I'm helping to creating eternal families for others so they can be together forever.
PS the picture is Elder Austin and he is my one of my best friends here at the MTC

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