Sunday, August 23, 2015

My Purpose

Never in my life have I been closer to the Lord. I was looking at the pictures of us and I started to cry because never have I felt the spirit and have such a strong experience to realize what my purpose is.   My Purpose as a missionary is to give service and to let people know that they can have a forever family like I have. 
A missionary is a person who leaves his/her family for a short period of time so others can be with there's for eternity.  Knowing that families can be together forever is the happiest news I can bring to others.

I'm exiceted to go teach people.  I figured out my TRC investigator is a nonmember and there is a possibility that we can baptize him or get him batized he is such an amazing person.  I dont kinow if we would be able to do it but have some other people baptize him I really hope that he does get batized either by me and my companion or by someone.  It's been difucult because he lost his son when his son was 14.  I beared my testomniy about eternal families and told him about Austin so that was tough for me but he realy likes me and my companion.  I will miss teaching him because he is such a great guy. 

I'm on the lords time this is time that I give to the Lord for every thing that he has and will give to me. Keep the dear Elders coming or if you want me to answer a particular question email it and send me a Dear Elder or just send me a Dear Elders a lot ......oh and if you all want to send me dear elders in one day that would be awesome because the record for most dear elders in one day is seven and it would be nice to beat that record in our district so send them all in one day and lets see if we can break that record. well love you all and it means a lot when you guys send me letters, thank you for your support.
Yeah I just get frustrated some times because I cant express myself some times in Spanish but oh well... thats why I'm here so I can learn and become stronger.  Love you got to go and finish up my laundry.
- see you in Two.--

- Elder Thompson

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