Monday, June 6, 2016


This week the Lord works by simple and funny means. My companion and I were going to go and talk to some recent converts that live in our area. But we couldn't find parking in front of the house so we went and parked around the corner.  When we got out of the car we noticed this guy's yard and the bunnies in it.  It had these fluffy pet bunnys and the gate is wide open.  The bunnies just staying in the yard and we are like what with these bunny's.  They are really obedient so we go to look at this bunny closer and then I see another one in his yard so we go knock on the door talk to the guy a little bit but he was sick so he said for us to come back some other time and then I asked him are these your bunnies in your yard?  He was said "no, they are just all over the place"   
Then I notice there is another bunny in his yard so we saw three right there alone and was like that is a lot of random bunnies.  I look across the street under this truck I see 4 more of them just chiling out.  I was like what in the world and then I notice some others in another yard then one chasing another one and in a diffrent yard.  We start following these bunnies a little bit but we see this house and we where like lets knock on that house and a lady answers and says oh I'm not the house owner and then the houser owner comes out and he has this book.  He asked me, "what does the bible really teach" said "what do you guys think about this book?" We don't know really know anything about it and then we realize as he flips through a few pages it is a Jehovah Witness book but he said to us that he has been praying to know the truth and he feels like nobody is telling him the truth and then he sais you guys teach the truth right and we where like yeah. We talked to him for awhile and then gave him a restoration pamphlet and set an apoinment to come back.   These bunnies lead us to him.  He was great to talk with.
I can testify that this is the lords church and that he restored it through his prophet Joseph Smith and gave us the Book of Mormon to restore the truths that were lost and that he leads and guides this church today.  I share these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen
I love you all.

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