Monday, June 20, 2016

June 13th 2016

Funny story from this week.  We where going to go see a less active member and we had to park around the corner down a dirt road, so we parked and started back towards the main road.  Down this path  where a few houses and drive ways with fences but this truck was blocking the view of the gate to the drive way of this house.  We were walking and heard this loud dog bark and I thought I had seen the gate closed but my companion thought in his head that was not inside a fence so he sort of takes a step backwards and I took a step forward.  Out around this corner comes this big dog and when I say big I mean big.This dog was about two to three times the size of the dog that I shared a picture of a few weeks ago.  In my mind I thought about running away from this dog because it was huge and not looking like a nice dog, but then something (THE SPIRIT) told me do NOT run.  I stood there and me and this dog were having this face off .  He is  probaly not even 5 feet away from me.  My companion like steps backward a few more times then tells me that he is going to grab the car because he has the car keys so the car is probaly like 50 yards back and he doesn't want to run because then the dog could run after him.  So there's me sticking out my chest making my self look as big as possible but the funny thing is the dog is doing the exact same thing and I'm sort of sitting their like I might have to wrestle this dog.  

It was really scarey there for a few moments and then here comes my companion in the car going sort of straight at the dog because the gab between me and the dog is not that much, but the dog moved over to the side.  Now I have the car inbetween me and the dog so I got into the car and then the dog like tries to bite the car but we drive off.  

 I know the only reason why that dog didn't attack me was because the lord needs me out here for something else and to tell me in a way don't fear I'm protecting you and I know if God is protecting me then if I'm doing what I'm suppost to do.  He will protect me and I will not recieve any harm that is to bad.  Now I have a story about almost getting eaten by a dog!  ha ha ha 

This week we set up a service project to help one of our members we are going to help build a fence with him or more like repair a fence by putting up basicaly a new fnce so yeah we will be doing that on saturday. As well we had a investigator come to church now for more then four times and he said to his girlfriend that he wants to set a baptismal date for august!  He is really cool he studys the scriptures.  

 Have a good week hope you are all doing good and that you be blessed with this great gospel. I know it is true and I know that I'm doing God's work.   I love you all have a great and fantastic week.

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