Monday, August 15, 2016


This week was transfers and I'm still in Chino and yes I'm still a district leader. But the crazy thing is that my new companion is not new.  In the mission we have other missionaries in our ward so we call them ward mates. This week I get the call that told me to tell Elder Selph my companion to pack his things and as well to tell Elder Froelich my past companion who I was in Upland with to tell him to pack his things and then last night I get the call to tell them where they are going and this was the weird part because this doesn't happen at all.  Never have I heard of this happening before. What was told to me was that Elder Selph is going to be with Elder Spriggs who is one of our ward mates and then told us that Elder Froelich is going to be with me. So in the ward we just switched companions and that is all. Funny but the crazy thing as well I was with Elder Froelich for 2 transfers in Upland so usually you don't go back together.

 We are working hard and I love you all and have a good week!

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